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itsZEN stands for living your life in simplicity, clearness, spirituality, and love. On every of our days we are confronted by a permanent and uncontrolled flow of thoughts and complex matters which causes fears and makes our life chaotic. By concentrating on NOW, by reducing things to the substantial ones that do us good, psychologically and physically, we can live a peaceful life. It allows us to perceive things as they are, clear and simple. Our mind and life shall become truthful and contented. itsZEN aims at fostering the exchange of experiences of those who are on their way or have a deep understanding to multiply joint efforts. For that reason, we offer tools for facilitating such an exchange and distribution. We also present methods and ways that are helpful to beginners. Some of the tools you can use for your own or your professional purposes.

itsZEN cooperates with pflog.
pflog is information and cultivation of art, music, and literature among other things. Moreover, pflog coummunicates all this.






Here, you can see selected art in the sense of . If you come across other of this kind, please let us know. If it suits itsZEN, we shall get it in here.






Here, you can put quintessences or summaries of considerations and actions into the web. You can follow others or find others who follow your considerations. Do not give any unreflecting messages. See to it that using few and simple words only you have completed your thoughts and reduced it to the point before you put it in here.



Collection Point



is a Wiki the aims of which are not determined yet. Moreover, we do not know where to go with it yet. The only thing determined is the direction. So-called attractors will act according to the chaos theory. You can participate in this project with discussions or your own page within this Wiki.






Here, you will find a selection of links related to Zen and similar subjects. If you discover adquate links yourself, you can put them into here.






Is an online messenger which does not require any software to be downloaded. You can use it via internet browser from this page at any computer or you can put in a related link into your website. Simply register yourself or your communication partners and get started.